• Giovanni Bromante Racing offers its partners the ability to be seen by thousands of enthusiastic and brand-loyal fans.


  • GBR maintains a successful and professional image on the track and off and can promote a brand to fans and potential customers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.


  • The team’s public relations game plan includes marketing and promotion of your company through social media, live video broadcasts, community engagement and in various local, regional and national media outlets.


  • Your company’s promotions, sales, and new products can be advertised with handouts and promotional items at the track.


  • All of the team’s races will feature live coverage from popular media outlets, including live video streaming and traditional satellite/cable television broadcasts.


  • Your company’s logo and promotions can be incorporated into the television broadcasts via commercials, in-car camera angles and more.


  • Partnering with Giovanni Bromante is beneficial to any size company’s bottom line and can be utilized as a successful advertising expense.

Giovanni Bromante’s racecar is a 100-plus MPH billboard. With crowds in the thousands attending each of his races, Bromante can help promote a new businessobjective or get more eyes on your logo, messaging and more that will turn into conversions to raise profit levels. Giovanni Bromante Racing can custom-tailor sponsorship packages to fit company budgets of all sizes. Imagine your logo placed on the winning No. 74 race car, as well as on the driver’s fire suit in victory lane photos. Or fans seeing and hearing your company’s name, then visiting your retail location or office, or ordering your products. There are full and support sponsorship packages available, which include putting your logo on the car, crew uniforms, transporter and pit signage, hospitality opportunities and more. Plus, product sponsorships and personal service partnerships are also available. Contact us today for more details on how Giovanni Bromante can get you the results that no other sports partnership can.